January 20, New York

The Secrets of Secure Crypto Friendly Banking: An Exclusive Chainalysis Interview with our Head of Digital Assets, Gabriel Campa.

In a recent interview, Gabriel Campa, our Head of Digital Assets, shared how our partnership with Chainalysis has taken the security of our Crypto Friendly Banking to unprecedented levels. We focus not only on providing innovative services but also on ensuring the peace of mind and confidence of our clients in every cryptocurrency transaction.

"Complying with regulations is very important to us. It starts with understanding the customers, but at the same time, we were looking for solutions" Gabriel Campa, Head of Digital Assets

Chainalysis, a leader in blockchain analysis and regulatory compliance, has become an invaluable ally in our commitment to security. Their advanced technology allows us to conduct thorough analyses, ensuring that each transaction meets the highest security standards. Thanks to this, our clients can operate with peace of mind, knowing that every move is backed by our rigorous KYC process.

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