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October 9, 2023, Panama City.

Towerbank, the Crypto Friendly Bank, presents “ikigii”, the only crypto wallet that is also a bank account in dollars.

With the aim of continuing to strengthen transactions with crypto assets, the crypto-friendly bank Towerbank announced a series of announcements that will significantly simplify the operations of its clients, bringing with them important benefits.

Firstly, Towerbank announced that starting in October, all clients who purchase cryptos (BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC) from its own platform will be able to exchange them for dollars through their bank accounts. Similarly, they will be able to buy these crypto assets with the money available in their accounts.

The person in charge of making this announcement was Gabriel Campa, Head of Digital Asset at Towerbank, during the Blockchain Summit Latam 2023 event, held in the city of Bogotá, Colombia.

In light of this, the executive also informed that in the coming months, Towerbank will launch ikigii, the only crypto wallet that is also a bank account. This new product aims to integrate banking services with cryptocurrency management.

"ikigii", the digital platform of Towerbank International's Crypto Friendly banking, has arrived to transform the way of investing in crypto. Now, crypto enthusiasts will be able to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies, as well as receive the proceeds of their crypto sales in a dollar bank account, and also make payments through the visa debit card and make international transfers. Undoubtedly, ikigii has arrived to simplify the management of cryptocurrency investors, bringing together the best of the banking ecosystem and the crypto world," he assured.

Among its main functionalities, this tool will allow its users to:

Later, Gabriel Campa presented the design of the Visa debit card commemorating the Blockchain Summit Latam Colombia, a tribute to the unquestionable beauty of this country. As a promotional action, it will offer 0% commission on crypto deposits with a cap of 1500 dollars for those new clients who open an account during the month of October. This same benefit was extended to those who opened an account at the Blockchain Summit Latam Panama 2022.

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